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However, poor ratings throughout the second season led to the show's cancellation in September 2004, with the two last episodes of the season being left unaired in America.(the last episode to air in the show's original timeslot was broadcast on September 12, 2004).

It also ensures that a greater number of works - both familiar and unfamiliar - can elucidate Calder's contribution to the development of modern art. Art Riot: Post-Soviet Actionism is dedicated to Russian protest art over the past 25 years.

If you complain about this, you're massively selfish, FYI. "", presumably, being the relentless torture that inflicts musicians on an epidemic scale. His existential crisis is the Camilla to your Charles and Diana. His neuroticism puts him at the centre of any number of imagined scenarios in which he's letting you down or breaking your heart or HEY WHAT A GREAT IDEA FOR A SONG!

He, however, has lived the life less ordinary forever and as such cannot fathom the prospect of being enchained in the corporate routine of work/sleep/death.

SALON is pleased to announce its third exhibition which is dedicated to Alexander Calder's late gouaches on paper, created between 19, staged in collaboration with Omer Tiroche Gallery, London.

A collection of earlier works on paper by Calder dating from 1939 - 1959, will be simultaneously displayed at Omer Tiroche Gallery in Mayfair, London.

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