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This new information mandates an updated knowledge base for pediatricians who care for adolescent patients.This statement provides that update, focusing on sexual assault and rape in the adolescent population.Understanding the definitions of the terms sexual assault, rape, acquaintance rape, date rape, molestation, and statutory rape are important in the identification, treatment, and management of the adolescent victim.

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Aggressive behavior on the part of a male perpetrator may be seen by some adolescents as normative in this context.

This drug can go undetected if added to any drink, thus increasing the risk of sexual assault, especially in the adolescent population.

Exploring the perceptions and attitudes of adolescents regarding rape and other forced or unwanted sexual encounters is important.

Sexual assault includes situations in which there is sexual contact with or without penetration that occurs because of physical force or psychologic coercion.

This includes touching of a person's “sexual or intimate parts or the intentional touching of the clothing covering those intimate parts.” is applied when there is noncoital sexual activity between a child and an adolescent or adult.

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