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If she speaks good English, it’s better to ask 3-4 questions at a time when you chat on video or Skype, so you can see her reaction.In any case, it’s best not to send the list to women.Remember, you are not only asking about it to get answers, but mainly to make Russian and Ukrainian women think, wake up their emotions and feelings, and, eventually, make them fall in love with you.

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But if you have already established direct communication and 100% sure you are talking to the girl from the photos directly (for example, you talked to her on Skype without paying for a “video date”, and she gave you her direct email address and mobile phone number, which you use for communication) — in this case, asking these questions will enhance your relationship and build more trust.On , you have unlimited chat and mails available to you at no extra cost, so be sure to establish a quality connection before you decide to meet in person or invite your lady-friend to visit you.Russian and Ukrainian women (and ladies in general) love talking about relationships.The way to raise these 58 questions in conversations with Russian, Ukrainian, or Belarusian women you are dating is when you have direct communication and are not paying-per-letter.If you are using PPL (pay-per-letter) dating model, there is no point in asking these questions, as you won’t know who is answering them — the girl in the photos or the translator of the agency.

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