Recovering from dating a borderline

I had to finally realize that I was going to have to have no contact whatsoever to survive; however, it hurts and I miss their children terribly. you give us hope You are very special 🙂 I have two words for you, restraint order.

In my recent research I’ve been learning they won’t come around anymore if they know that you know what they’re really doing.

I finally did some research on narcissism and passive/aggressive.

Not all men are narsasist , my ex is a woman who are just as capable and sometimes worse of having these traits , why worse ? He kept texting and e-mailing stating ‘He just wanted to understand…blah blah’. I have been separated for over a year and filed for a divorce.At the time I didn’t know he was taking painkillers.My therapist kept telling me to hang in there because he believed my husband would get better. Once we are out of it, it is really the time to stop the narc wasting more of our time (i.e putting way too much energy and time in researching them without end.) At the preliminary stage of healing, knowledge about narcissism is necessary, but to focus on our own healing is even more crucial. But apparently you and most of the people who replied on this board do have empathy for others. When have you ever put yourself in the “shoes” of the person you labeled as a narc? You do things for yourself because you worry about your life and outcomes. In the relationship we had focused our attention, time and emotion to the narc. Most people also exhibit obsessive, compulsive, dependent, etc.. It’s interesting that you characterize a “narc” as having no empathy. You and most people that have commented clearly care about yourselves.

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