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For instance, a small library was set up at Sri Harsha School for the Deaf in 2013, under the ‘Silent Wish Project’, which you can see here.In 2017 alone, the school has set 4-5 more libraries as their target.With schoolkids taking things into their own hands to help other children discover the joy of learning, one can’t help but be inspired and optimistic about the future of education!Be a part of one of the largest global movements of children driving change in their communities.Students of SAI International School say that their school’s management was highly supportive in providing transport and even in re-scheduling classes so that they could take out time for this initiative.In their written submission for , they say that they are happy that their small idea could bring a change into the lives of the government school children – through their project ‘Reading Rainbow’.

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After speaking to the children at the Patia school, the students realised that they were eager to read but lacked the resources to do so as they didn’t have a library.

The third group went about cleaning up the storage room in the Patia government school, fixing a tubelight, installing a fan, repairing the electrical outlets, painting the walls playfully and fixing curtains for the window.

The students say they constantly interacted with the children at the Patia school so as to involve them in the process and incorporate their suggestions.

They were upset to see a lack of infrastructure, furniture and basic amenities in the 113-year-old dilapidated building.

The year before this, the school’s ‘Going Global’ club had installed new toilets in the school.

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