Overseas internet dating scams

Visit Scamwatch Sellers post classified ads for items such as pets, cars, bikes and rental properties.

These ads look legitimate with detailed information, attractive photos and a great offer of a low price.

The prize money doesn’t exist and the funds you’ve sent are lost.

Scammers will then use these details to make purchases with your money.

You’re called by someone claiming to be from a large computer or telecoms company like Telstra or Microsoft.

They say your computer has a virus, perhaps because your broadband’s been hacked, and they offer you a free software upgrade.

With new scams regularly surfacing, it’s important to educate yourself on the most common types of scams so that you can recognise what to look out for.

If you think you might have fallen victim to a scam, or see something that looks suspicious, visit Scamwatch to find out what you can do to limit the damage and protect yourself from further loss.

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