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Romance, battles, drama, conspiracy and a little bit of “ecchi”.

Those are the elements that define the most controversial game on the 3DS(? Although he has no skills, Seed is on a relationship with Hadzuki the daughter of a famous doujou and the two dream about getting married.

Much of the story elements were preserved and the contents that got removed were just those stupid out-of-place H-scenes typical to Eroges.

The elements that got changed were replaced by new concepts that made the characters far more interesting (at least, in my opinion).

Seed can be a wimp in the beginning, but different from most recent Galges, this isn’t used to give more focus to the heroines instead.

The story actually centers around Seed, who does have huge character developments through-out the game. Instead of being the usual bitches who humiliate the hetare protagonist, they are always motivating and helping him.

Despite the feel of a simple and straightforward shounen adventure the story gives at first, a sudden development gives the plot a turn to a more dark atmosphere that involves prostitution, slavery, drugs, brainwashing and even cannibalism. Those were very different times, when players were not as masochists as nowadays.

Therefore, they actually needed to make their heroines being likable in a regular point-of-view.

She got much more feminine than her counterpart, but she was much more childish.At the time, the screen resolution and video boards were even worse than what you would usually find on console games. This is no cheap port of the PC game, the differences between the two versions are like night and day, but you still feel like the new one is being faithful to the original.Which is impressive, considering Imageepoch knew almost nothing about the original when they presented the first prototype to Alice Soft (more about this later! This was most likely due to TADA and HIRO from Alice Soft joining in soon after as supervisors.While the original was a Galge with RPG elements, the remake became a RPG with Galge elements, which in fact, is quite different.The battles have more strategy to it, and there’s more balance to the difficult as well, giving a comfortable difficulty curve which makes grinding nearly unnecessary.

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