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That being the case, the premiere was a big disappointment in this regard.

There were actually two digital shorts, but neither was particularly great.

The former couple, who announced their split in August, keep their kids mostly out of the spotlight, so it's even more exciting when they post pictures of them on social media.

Which is not to say there haven't been notable ebbs and flows where strong episodes are followed by incredibly weak ones, but that's always been the case – and a year ago, during the lead up to the presidential election, definitely didn't put its best foot forward, offering an installment that had some amusing moments, but no true standouts.

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Megan Fox shared a stunning snap of her youngest son, Bodhi, this week, but that isn't the only glimpse we've gotten at her sons with Brian Austin Green.The second Digital Short was the better of the two, though it still wasn't a true home run.Fox, playing herself, took Andy Samberg home to her apartment to watch a movie – where we met "Optimus Prime", a chubby dude in a bathrobe wearing the Optimus toy helmet, who Fox truly believed was her "costar." It all led to a bizarre but fun showdown with a run-in robber wearing a Bumblebee toy helmet – who turned out to be Fox's real life boyfriend, Brian Austin Green.Pedrad barely appeared, but Slate did have a sketch she was the focus of, called "Biker Chick Chat." It continued the night's theme of being alright – not terrible, but not very memorable either, though Slate, Wiig and Fox were all good in it.This sketch already has given rise to an unintended viral video, due to Slate's accidental use of the f-bomb.

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