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The police are paid around 50,000 by Manchester Pride (as they are for other events). In Manchester in 2014 a commercial "pride" event paid and used the police to prevent peaceful campaigners from exercising their entirely lawful right to walk along public streets. Those who are on the LGBT gravy train have stayed silent and it will come back to haunt them in years to come.

While others, presumably, are too intimdated to criticise the unlawful actions of a so-called "pride." The police and Manchester City Council were eager to lay the blame at the feet of Manchester Pride and things were very different at the event in August 2015.

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Latest (Aug 2017) You can now walk into the gay village during Manchester Pride without buying a wristband.

Needless to say this wasn't mentioned in the publicity or "news" articles.

The Manchester Evening News reported the charity total on .

What effect did six weeks of extra income have on the total (remember the big push to sell "early bird" tickets for the 2017 event immedately after the 2016 weekend, despite it being a year away? And how could they announce a charity total before the end of their financial year? In 2014 income was 1,348,314 and in 2013 1,058,284.

Remember these figures (and inflation over the years) when charity totals are proclaimed as being the "biggest ever." HISTORY Various LGBT history projects in Manchester have received more than 200,000 from the Heritage Lottery Fund over the years.

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However if they refused to do so access would not be restricted." We know that Crunch bar demanded that customers should be let in through the gates without a wristband during Pride 2012.Somehow they went ahead and did exactly that nine months later at Europride 2003 and every August after until 2014.This has been one of the biggest cons in LGBT history. But it remains unreported by the press both LGBT and mainstream, while the likes of The Guardian and Manchester Evening News talk of "fake news" from websites!However, when it comes to losing weight and taking a look at the right kind of track for this purpose only a few techniques are really the feasible ones, many people claim that their different techniques may help in losing weight but despite of being helpful in this regard they aren’t healthy enough.Losing weight shall never be a competition at all but rather it should be a healthy approach and for this purpose on healthy and beneficial moves must be taken like the ones suggested below: Cutting Down Your Portions Portion control is the best approach at the start of losing weight because initially this is the easiest technique which allows you to move ahead to your journey of weight loss.

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