Deploying and updating front end database applications Chatting with girls online without credit card

Follow along as we walk through the process and be sure to download the code associated with this article.

Before we get into the code, we need to take care of some housekeeping.

I have also chosen to use this event to make a backup copy of the user's client ...

just in case there is a problem with the new version.

Notice in the example that both tables contain only one column and only one record.

In this example, (taken from the download code associated with the article), the client is version 2.0.6 while the server indicates that version 2.0.7 is available.

This little pause is sufficient to ensure that the backup will have been successfully created and the original client file removed.

From here, it is a simple file copy command and then we use the SHELL command to reopen our newly copied client. Quit will close the update utility and the user is now presented with the latest client.

My thanks to its author, whoever that may be.) I recently got involved in a project where they approach this problem from a different slant.Each time the user clicks the link, a new version is copied down from the server.While this method is much simpler than the one described above, it is a hog for network bandwidth and should be considered only where the client is small and there are few users.All you want to do is: Sounds simple, I know, but if it hasn't already struck you, there is a little problem with this process: a new version of the client file cannot be copied over top of the old one while it is in use.The work-around for this problem requires us to jump around between files, but to the end user the update will appear seamless.

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