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We reserve the right to remove groups at our own discretion per our Terms of Service. ______________________ My Thoughts _____________________ Matt Winters– If you want to help, share on social media, continue the discussion, get the word out. — Update Sept 13th, 2016 Meetup HQ Reached out the day I made this blog post and messaged my remaining network with the link of the post. Here is the discussion Hi there Matt, Thanks for reaching back out and I’m sorry this has caused you so much stress.

First, please know that our policy decisions around certain types of groups are entirely unrelated to revenue that those groups get.

As I mentioned, dating services include matchmaking, speeddating and date coaching.

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– Dating services include events with the following activities: – Speed dating (and variations like speed friending) – Date coaching or clinics – Matchmaking We’ve noticed that your group has hosted events related to dating services.

I have given many talks over how to use meetup to build communities. I don’t know what else to do other than tell my story and hope that you share this topic.

**Disclaimer, nothing here is private or confidential, so you may share this on social media, or message any members mentioned for more information, start a community discussion about the topic** If you want to offer support you can keep in touch as I may attempt to rebuild networks. Always looking for volunteers to help grow community, you can message me [email protected] you want to help.

Please review your upcoming events and remove any dating service activities or events. Your Meetup group will be closed if you haven’t removed all upcoming dating service events.

In order to reduce confusion for your members, please also remove any dating service content from other areas of your Meetup, such as the description, Meetup group and event titles, sponsors, and topics.

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