Cost updating garmin map

If you tell them it was working perfectly fine beofe the update. And now it is stuck at loading and no matter what you try it wont work, and cant be seen by the computer. This morning the moment I start charging the unit still said "loading maps .." Ok.. But lets try the following Connect the garmin to your computer, and then while its connected to the computer. Whats for certain though, is either we have to force an update, or we have to get the computer where it will see the garmin unit, so we can get inside its files and erase the corrupted map and update file. Its possible, that if you called Garmin they may agree to repair it or replace it for free..It's surprising given how everyone has a ready alternative in their pocket or purse.

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It is important to let this procedure complete - don't be tempted to switch on/off your device even if it looks like nothing is happening.You buy a micro/SD card preloaded with the Ireland/UK maps, you insert it into the side of your device and off you go.This process is painless, straightforward and the cheapest solution. I use GPS navigation a lot, so I want to make sure I can keep the maps up to date.What is the procedure for updating the maps on a 2015 Limited Outback, and how much does it cost?

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