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Specs: Heavy action 30 or 40 pound braid 1-4 ounce lures/weights 12 foot length ~2 pounds 2 piece Highlights: Great action response, used for light surf fishing, lightweight This two-piece Tica brand surf rod is made of high modulus graphite.Compared to the other four rods listed, this one is rated for the least amount of weight at 1-4 ounces.It has a generic white finish that allows you to detect bites from a reasonable distance even in low light conditions.Given its inherit stiffness, if you do see a bite, there is no question a fish is on the hook.The upside is the action is great and you can very easily feel for nibbles and bites. Although it is the most pricy option of the 5 rods listed here, many anglers have reviewed it as worth the price tag.Definitely not a starter rod but for advanced anglers, this surf rod is the one for you.

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Like, seriously, you can man handle the thing and its distance traveled will awe other fisherman.

Given that this surf casting rod is made from graphite, it is light weight and does not feel bulky at all. Fisherman have reported catching 15 feet hammerheads with this so you know the strength is there.

Some fishermen say that if you aren’t fishing graphite surf rods, you’re feeding the fish…not catching them and the Penn Prevail proves it. It is strong enough to throw a bunker chunk with 5-6 ounces of weight just fine. Check out this You Tuber casting 320 feet (~107 yards) with this rod.

“Higher-end rods can be lighter in weight and more sensitive, but they need to be babied, as they can be fragile,” says Okuma’s John Bretza.

Consider the rod options below to find your blue-collar spinning-rod workhorse.

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