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Last week I added the dates back onto Shout Me Loud blog posts, as obviously it gives a good user-experience.As you may know, Shout Me Loud is a 6-year-old Word Press blog, and I have posts dated from 2008.You can also see improvement in keyword ranking after removing the date stamp: The orange rectangle shows the decline in keyword ranking after adding the dates back, and the last column shows current ranking.

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The red lines mark when blog post dates were changed (see below for more explanation on this).

After some digging, I realized our post dates were all showing Aug 8, 2014. Here's a shot from Google Analytics, all traffic, plotted daily.

Could the more recent post dates on all of our blog posts result in a significant increase in traffic? I changed our blog post dates back to the real dates for a week or so. I've plotted all the way back to March 2014 here to show how traffic was trending up, but steadily, until this test started.

We switched all our blog post dates to Aug 8, 2014.

A week later, organic traffic was up 45% and direct traffic was up 62%.

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