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Also, the War Department wanted to take advantage of the pool of trained reserve officers and enlisted men from World War II.

By that time Army Ground Forces had been reorganized as an army group headquarters that commanded six geographic armies.

The First United States Army declined to support an airborne division, and the 98th Infantry Division replaced the 98th Airborne Division.

After the change, the Organized Reserve Corps had four airborne, three armored, and eighteen infantry divisions.

After World War I, under the National Defense Act of 1920, Congress reorganized the U. land forces by authorizing a Regular Army, a National Guard, and an Organized Reserve (Officers Reserve Corps and Enlisted Reserve Corps) of unrestricted size, which later became the Army Reserve.Class A units were divided into two groups, one for combat and one for service, and units were to be at required table of organization strength; Class B units were to have their full complement of officers and enlisted cadre strength; and Class C were to have officers only.The troop basis listed nine divisions as Class A, nine as Class B, and seven as Class C.Porter therefore proposed reclassification of all Class A divisions as Class B units.Eventually the War Department agreed and made the appropriate changes.

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