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It doesn’t matter what your race or sexuality is…everyone can understand and connect with that,' he said.Fuller, who is gay, previously revealed to Entertainment Weekly that he made the straight actors reshoot the scene after deciding their first attempt was not realistic enough.Zorya then pulled the moon from the sky and gave it to him in the form of a silver coin, to keep as 'protection'.'Don't give it away,' she advised.

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Once in his room after a brief hand hold in the elevator, the Ifrit asked: 'If I could grant a wish do you think I'd be driving a cab?She passed the test and he escorted her to her afterlife that derived from ancient Egyptian religion, rather than her own Islamic faith.Meanwhile Shadow Moon/ Norse god Odin [Ricky Whittle] woke up inside the Zorya sisters' apartment to witness a woman in a nightgown climbing out of the window She turned out to be Zorya Polunochnaya or 'Midnight Star' played by Erika Kaar.Once in the throes of passion on a hotel bed, the actors bodies were transported by CGI to a mythical world before the audience's eyes.There, they continue having sex until the Ifrit ejaculated fire on to Salim who lay on his back.

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