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Albertans also received a 2-week extension on their income tax deadline that year.

Montreal’s “storm of the century” (1971) The snowstorm that hit Montreal on March 4, 1971 is one of the largest ever recorded.

On February 3, Regina set a North American record when temperatures reached negative 60 degrees celsius.

All highways in and out of the capital were blocked for 10 days, supplies in and out slowed, and people reportedly began travelling from their house to their shed via snow tunnel.

Huge gale-force winds created large drifts and the resulting snow-covered streets caused factories providing war munitions and supplies to close temporarily.Though it makes us feel pretty tough having lived through one of the worst so recently, we’re happy to have left the polar vortex behind.Hamilton and Kenora, Ontario broke records for the coldest temperatures, Toronto had more consecutive days of snow on the ground, and it was Winnipeg’s second-coldest winter ever.(The only other time this happened was during the flu epidemic in 1918).Five-hundred-thousand truckloads of snow was eventually hauled out of the city. followed suit and declared a federal disaster in New York.

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