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Throughout the remainder of the episode, Jesse's motives for dating Rachel are questioned, even after Shelby assures Will that he isn't spying on them.

Afraid of losing the two most important things to her right now, Rachel then goes to confront Jesse to see if he really loves her or if he's using her, telling him that "if it turns out [he's] just playing [her, she] might die." He laughs, saying she's even more of a drama queen than he is, before telling her, that he's nuts about her and would never hurt her.

However, he later concedes that he was wrong for trying to pressure her into doing something she didn't want, and apologizes for it.

He says that she deserves epic romance and promises to wait until she is ready. Jesse goes over to Rachel's house at a later date, and they are one of the three couples shown in a dream sequence, all six of them singing Like a Virgin. Schuester welcomes him into the group, which infuriates Finn.

He takes Vocal Adrenaline to a Regionals victory and a second place at Nationals.

He is portrayed by actor and Broadway star, Jonathan Groff.

"After that, my direction was really clear to me and I knew exactly what I wanted." And while in the past he'd write "40 or 50 demos" and pick from there, this time around, he and his collaborates wrote the 11 songs on the album "with no waste." Mc Cartney lists '70s and '80 music icons like Michael Jackson and Prince as his chief influences, and it shows on tracks like "Superbad" and "Back Together." "This album had a completely different energy from the start," he added.

"This final product is by far my proudest musical achievement to date." Jesse Mc Cartney's new album In Technicolor is available July 22nd but you can pre-order it starting tomorrow, Tuesday June 10th at i Tunes, Amazon, and Jessemac.com!

Jesse is then mentioned in a scene between Rachel and Finn, where Rachel explains to Finn that she's moved on and is now dating Jesse. Schuester about Jesse, who then goes to confront Shelby Corcoran, the director of Vocal Adrenaline about the relationship.Jesse is leading Vocal Adrenaline in a performance of Highway to Hell by AC/DC when Will arrives.At the song's close, Shelby says it was like "watching beige paint dry," and then instructs Jesse to give a "showface." Jesse obliges, as does the rest of the club, following his example.Rachel meets Jesse for the first time while visiting the music store.He approaches her while she is looking through a book of Lionel Richie's sheet music, taking her by surprise.

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