Who is dondria dating

Since being released from prison, Da Brat has yet to announce plans for an upcoming project, but dropped a couple tracks in 2013 and figures to release a project at some point in the future.

Texans have pioneered developments in Tejano and Conjunto music, Rock 'n Roll, Western swing, jazz, punk rock, country, hip-hop, electronic music, gothic industrial music, religious music, mariachi, psychedelic rock, zydeco and the blues.

"As a person who is used to putting out new records and continuing to do that, it just wasn't turning over as being that place to me where I should stick to it and see if it was going to turn around." Dupri discovered Dondria via You Tube a few years ago, and the singer has been with the So So Def CEO ever since.

Currently, Dondria is promoting her new single, "You're the One," which is rising on the R&B charts and resting in the #42 position with no major backing.

Reality tv starlet Joseline Hernandez celebrated with her birthday on Friday night with Stevie J, Deelishis and tons of fans. Joseline Hernandez celebrated her 26th birthday with a huge bash at "The Jungle" in the ATL on Friday."First, he tried to reach me over You Tube, but I never got that message.Then he went over to My Space, and at first I didn't think it was him, so I was kind of ignoring him. ' " Dupri worked her tirelessly in hopes of bringing out her best and gave her the chance to work with the likes of Johnta Austin and No I. However, despite the title's implications, the album isn't a fight between personalities.When Jermaine Dupri handpicked Dondria to join his So So Def label after discovering her and her legions of fans on You Tube, it was obvious what he saw in her.Her first album under So So Def solidified her as the Princess of the label, but now years later she’s re-emerging as the Queen.

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