Validating a framework for participatory ergonomics

Training principles and methods are central to the success of the participatory ergonomics process.Three major aspects of training should be considered early in the process of implementing a participatory ergonomics program.The paper presents potential of participatory ergonomics to maintenance quality improvement use.

This book details different participatory methods for introducing and implementing ergonomics.Initial training in ergonomics for committee members should include ergonomics concepts and tools.Training on topics such as meeting and project management may be beneficial, depending on the past experience of committee members with committee work and implementing change. Well, when it comes to ergonomics in the workplace the saying should be “Employees know best.” An ergonomists’ role is to optimize safety, productivity, and comfort.Ergonomics should be ‘invisible’, meaning that the work environment should be intuitive and comfortable for the employees while allowing the employees to be highly productive and efficient without really needing to think about every movement.

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