User control not updating on postback

So here we learn how to overcome from this problem and retain the data as like normal controls.

In an effort to get more regular content out here to the blog I am going to try and resume my "Quick Tips" posts.

Updating the model for display purposes in a POST has in effect - no effect.

After getting quite a few comments on this post I quickly realized that the behavior I described above is actually the behavior you'd want in 99% of the binding scenarios.

Maintain the dynamic control events, data during postback in Now suppose when you click on login button for performing login operation and application have validations for check the requested mail id and Password is correct or not , if it is failed then server sends the validation message back to client and remain on the same login page.

That's the postback when the server sends back the message to client.

These are much shorter posts than some of the more involved ones that I do, but cover common questions and tips that I get via email. NET you would simply edit the "Script Manager" object within your aspx page and set the control in question to be a Post Back Control.

To do this I change the value on the model which effectively does this: So when I press the Save button after entering in my new email address ([email protected]) here's what comes back in the rendered view: Notice that the textbox value and the raw displayed model value are different.But if you do need fix up values based on your model rather than the default POST values, there are a number of ways that you can work around this.Initially when I ran into this, I couldn't figure out how to set the value using code and so the simplest solution to me was simply to not use the MVC Html Helper for the specific control and explicitly bind the model via HTML markup and @Razor expression: And this produces the right result.In this article we will learn how to maintain the state of dynamically created controls in using c#.Retain the state of dynamic created controls or maintain the data of dynamic created/ added user control on postback in

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