Updating opera flash 9 mga paniniwala ng dating daan

Here is what Adobe says about this: "Internet Explorer users may have to reboot to clear all uninstalled Flash Player Active X control files.

If you're not certain, select the "Show Details" button in the Flash Player uninstaller.

Everyone should update their copy of the Flash Player, and this post explains how to do so on Windows machines (the Flash Player also runs on OS X and Linux).

Updating the Flash Player on a Windows machine is unusually cumbersome.

But if you use other browsers, we've got update instructions below.Adobe warns, however, that "if you don't have administrator access, then you may not be able to install Flash Player successfully." Step 7: For Firefox, Opera, and Chrome, Adobe also warns that you "may require administrative access to your PC" (see Flash Player installation instructions).Start any of these browsers, go to and download a file called install_flash_If there is one, I suggest turning it off on the theory that the less software installed the better.The Flash Player installs like any other Active X control.

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