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Download New Voices If you don’t fancy hearing you own voice but are still bored of the voices that come pre-installed on the device, then instead you could download new ones direct from the Garmin website.Some are free, and some need to be paid for, but irrespective of the price it means your kids might be entertained on a long road journey – especially if you choose from some of the many cartoon characters available.Garmin Voice Studio This great little application is a free download and means you can record your own voices to speak the directions on the Nuvi GPS.The software gets installed on your PC and as long as you have a microphone then can you speak the directions when prompted into your computer and then edit them ready to be loaded onto the Garmin 205w GPS.By entering your serial number of your Nuvi GPS on their official website, you can quickly find out if you are eligible for a free upgrade.Typically free map updates are available to those customers that have registered the Nuvi GPS within 90 days of it first receiving a satellite signal when you are using it on the road.Many POI files are actually created by third party software developers so make sure you Google for them so you can get a better idea of the wide range that is available.

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For example you could purchase City Navigator NT for the United Kingdom and Ireland, or if you are planning on a longer road trip to other European countries then expand your purchase and instead look to buy City Navigator NT for Europe mapping – which, whilst more expensive, will mean that your Nuvi 205w can be used in many different countries. You were probably not aware of this but there’s a raft of different software updates that fit the Nuvi 205w and we’ve detailed a selection of them below so you can truly enhance your GPS with some additional rich content that will make any journey a little bit more interesting.There are map updates available for the Nuvi 205w and this guide has been designed to help you understand all of the options available plus tells you where and how you can download Garmin Nuvi 205w updates.Do not be daunted by the concept of having to install new Garmin maps because the process is simple and everything you need to know is detailed below.New Vehicle Icons You know that little blue car that you see on the Nuvi 205w’s display?Well I bet you thought wouldn’t it be great to change it? Visit the Garmin Garage and select from many different free vehicle icons including sports cars, speed boats, the emergency services, and even monster trucks.

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