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They're 177 victories above the .500 mark and have generally relied on Hall of Fame-level quarterbacks to guide the way.From Arnie Herber to Bart Starr to Brett Favre and Aaron Rodgers, Green Bay has remained a quiet, homely town concentrated on the aspects of winning.With megastars on call to glide around the ice, this club has produced four Stanley Cup victories, 193 playoff wins and has reached the NHL's prestigious postseason tournament 31 times, including a current streak of 11 straight.Winning is a business most franchises in the NHL aren't consistent about.Stephen Curry's evolution from a scrawny Davidson guard to an unstoppable force has launched the Golden State Warriors into the win column dating back to 2012.Golden State's magical run over the last five seasons has captivated fans and turned the Bay Area into a championship city.When you talk about the business of winning, Green Bay sits on the board of directors.

Throughout history, baseball's premier team remains the New York Yankees.Since 1995, they have reached the postseason 18 times, winning the World Series on five separate occasions.In that time frame alone, the club has never won less than 79 games.Seven Super Bowl appearances—including five wins—and not to mention 14 of the last 16 AFC East division titles have turned head coach Bill Belichick's team into a gleaming example of how to win.You might not agree with their ways or even support them. In your deepest, darkest moment, you know you'd trade your franchise's wins and losses for that of the Pats. The Spurs embody a franchise that cannot be counted out, regardless of the supporting cast.

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