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They were often privately- or independently-run or an add-on to a hospital which could be in a town or city many miles away.

I am finding that records from these convalescent are generally very difficult to track down.

He had eloped there with his teenage wife, Harriet.

Whilst there he worked on but mainly wrote political pamphlets.

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Depending on who ran the convalescent home, the costs of the child’s stay could have been borne by the parents, local charity / philanthropy or paid for by the Poor Law Union where the child lived.

They may have been destroyed when the homes themselves closed as there was no central body to take care of them and no legal imperative to save them.

Another problem with locating convalescent homes is that many were very small – perhaps only six or eight children at a time – and there were many of them particularly in key ‘convalescent hotspots’ such as Broadstairs in Kent and perhaps North Devon.

He wrote a sequel as a short story in a book of short stories published in the USA as was set in North Devon and South Wales and featured Exmoor and legends surrounding the wicked Rev Froude of Knowstone.

Marie Corelli (1855-1924), popular romantic and sentimental novelist, stayed in North Devon and wove local characters into her stories. He wrote about his cottage, now named ‘Raymond’s Cottage’, behind the ‘Royal Oak’ inn. His daughter, Laura, married novelist Evelyn Waugh (1903-1966).

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