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After her younger, health-nut yoga instructor drops dead during a session, a shaken Joyce starts to plan for her own death.

Molly is thrilled when Joyce gives her a beautiful ring that belonged to her grandmother, then becomes furious when Joyce says she is leaving the house to Victoria.

After getting his wallet stolen while taking a nap on patrol with Carl, Mike decides to heighten his enforcement of the law.

However, when his new-found attitude takes a toll on those around him, Molly must find a way to convert her husband back to his former self.

Molly has taken up walking, and gets a Fitbit for herself and Mike, hoping Mike will also try to get healthier.

Joyce is married to widower Vince Moranto (Louis Mustillo).

Mike is regularly kept company by his best friend and partner in the police force, Carl Mc Millan (Reno Wilson).

Maggie's (Victoria Principal) husband has met a 27 year old woman and wants a divorce after 22 years.

Maggie moves back, starts working with her best friend as interior decorator and her first client is a 12 year younger handsome man.

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