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Several single people who spoke to for this piece said they had also turned to another free site recently — Ok Cupid, citing a more up-to-date design as one of the main reasons.For those looking for a halfway house between a full-service site and the real-world bar scene, the relatively new dating app Tinder has been proving popular with college-age and early 20s daters since its launch in late 2012.So what are the options for Irish people looking to find someone to love, date, or even just to distract them from the fact that it’s still winter?Is everyone going online, or are more traditional forums the best option?

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Most people will agree that attraction happens really quickly.“So far as I know we’re the only service to have the policy that we only offer membership to people if we think they’re suitable and that there’s a high likelihood we’ll find a match — so for some people that might be a big plus.“We also maintain a 50-50 balance of membership, something most agencies cannot do — and it’s difficult to do too.people who are single look to start afresh after a month of socialising and family get-togethers in December (who has time to find a soul-mate when there’s office Kris Kringle presents to buy?) Come January, ads for the some of the biggest global dating service brands gradually replace those Guinness ‘White Christmas’ TV spots, while the same companies bombard news outlets with press releases aimed at steering casual daters onto the internet.

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    This adds peace of mind to users who need not deal with the scammers.

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    Although more than 800 Canadian online daters filed complaints with the Anti-Fraud Centre this past year, reporting losses of over .2 million, Robertson says this likely represents less than one percent of actual financial victims because most are too embarrassed to come forward.