Screenupdating false not working vba

You can then use the second macro (Split_To_Workbook_and_Email) I have used this macro in Office 20 for many years with great success.

To add the macro to Excel, follow these steps: Sub Split To Worksheets() Dim Col Head As String Dim Col Head Cell As Range Dim i Col As Integer Dim i Row As Long 'row index on Fan Data sheet Dim Lrow As Integer 'row index on individual destination sheet Dim Dsheet As Worksheet 'destination worksheet Dim Fsheet As Worksheet 'fan data worksheet (assumed active) Again: Col Head = Input Box("Enter Column Heading", "Identify Column", [c1].

I have tried moving the screenupdating, displayalerts, displaystatusbar to different parts of the doc but i still get this. Display Status Bar = False For Each o Story In Current Doc. (that doesn't let you turn off screen updating..least I haven't found a way to do so for debuggin in 2007)Hey Malik thanks for your reply. Text End With Unload frm Title Set frm Title = Nothing Call Update Story Ranges(Active Document) Call Sheet Print Out Application.

Sub Update Story Ranges(Current Doc As Document) 'Loop to update the main body of the document Application. Story Ranges 'Update the all the Form Fields o Story. Just to confirm i am working in office 2003 and currently not running in debug mode. Screen Updating = True End Sub Sub Sheet Print Out() Dim a Doc As Document Dim b Doc As Document Dim o XL2 As Excel.

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I have tried setting screenupdating, displayalerts, displaystatusbar = false but i still get the message and it shows the macro going to the next doc. Are you using office 2007 and when you run the code you are running in debug mode?

Screen Updating = True THe error is Compile error, Method or data member not found Anyone has a clue what the problem is?

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For instance, there are 22 branch offices where I work and getting the appropriate data to each building from one spreadsheet used to be a daunting task.

The first macro below (Split To Worksheets) for Microsoft Office Excel allows you to take a worksheet and split it into multiple worksheets based on the column header you define when running it.

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