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Many in that culture thought that satisfaction in life comes through gratifying sensual lusts.There were problems with immorality even among the members of the Corinthian church.During a long distance relationship, we have faced some challenges and learned lessons along the way. We believe God has His hand on our relationship and is in control of what our future holds. From where I was standing, it looked like she had the perfect life. Whenever anyone asked how she was doing, she’d boom: Oh, I’m great. As I studied those little hands and feet, I was struck by ...Read more Theres something special about friendship.We all know that the bottom line is that Christians must only marry Christians. What should be your motives if you’re seeking a mate?But beyond that, how do you know whom God wants you to marry? How can you know God’s will on this important decision?She enjoys a good book or movie and can often be found watching a sporting event or experimenting with a new recipe in the kitchen.See more posts from Christy Mulberger Postings and comments on this blog are solely the opinions of the authors and do not necessarily represent the opinion of American Bible Society.

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Sometimes we become friends with the most unlikely candidates.Proverbs shares a great piece of advice Trust in the Lord with all your heart. Remember the Lord in everything you do, and he will show you the right way.Never let yourself think that you are wiser than you are; simply obey the Lord and refuse to do wrong. One look at my newborn’s tiny face, and I knew all my future choices would revolve around how best to care and provide for that little one.Late one afternoon she went into the woods to pray for a husband.She didn’t notice the hour growing late as she continued to pray.

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