Queer dating website

She impresses Detective Horvath with her sleuthing.

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Success on Ted's porno website is swelling Emmett's… Michael fights to get Ben back in his life - he has to prove he can handle the HIV positive situation.

The second season of Queer as Folk, an American and Canadian television series, consisted of twenty episodes and premiered on Showtime on January 6, 2002, in the United States and on Showcase on January 21, 2002, in Canada.

Suffering post-trauma after the bashing, Justin can't remember the fateful night and Brian can't forget it. Ted's favorite author, Howard Bellweather, is in town to protest Brian's award while collecting his own.

Lindsay pops a question to Melanie at her sister's wedding. Emmett's working for fabulous men who seem like the politically correct characters of the new gay TV drama, "Gay as Blazes"!

Michael returns to Pittsburgh just as Chris Hobbs is sentenced. Michael wants to reconnect with Brian at the comic convention.

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