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However, Tetsuro finds a letter from Maetel telling him that it was time for them to part ways.

Maetel had secretly boarded the 777 (three-seven), a nearby train, with the intention of "leading another boy to his future".

Eventually, Tetsuro and Maetel reach the Planet Prometheum, the final stop for the 999.

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Tetsuro tries to forge on toward the city alone, but is quickly overcome by the brutal cold and wind.As he succumbs, he cries out an apology to his mother for failing to fulfill her wish, and hopes that in his next life he'll be born as a robot to begin with.Tetsuro is surprised to awaken by the fireplace in the home of a beautiful woman, Maetel, who is the spitting image of his dead mother.The anime series won the Animage Anime Grand Prix prize in 1981.Matsumoto was inspired to create Galaxy Express 999 by the idea of a steam train running through the stars in the novel Night on the Galactic Railroad by Kenji Miyazawa.

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