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Drills were listed by the the IUCN as the highest priority African primate for conservation action. Since then, the mission of Pandrillus has expanded to include chimpanzees, and other wildlife that share the drill’s habitat in the Cross-Sanaga region, a small area in the heart of Africa with exceptionally high primate diversity.activities, including: habitat protection, captive care and breeding, research, training, small scale development schemes, education and positive advocacy, all aimed at promoting the drill as a species and wildlife conservation generally.Projects collaborate with state and national governments, communities, traditional rulers, other international and local NGOs, zoos, advisory groups, and the private sector to achieve these goals.Pandrillus works in Nigeria and Cameroon in its capacity as a Nigerian-registered non-profit trust.About 40 of them were caught in the act.’ Gay men can face 14 years in jails across the African nation.Support for the legislation remains high because of evangelical Christians in southern Nigeria and Islamists in the North, the BBC claim.

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The growing public skepticism was evident last month, when an audio recording of Buhari commemorating the end of Ramadan stoked suspicion and concern about his health.

Some Nigerians questioned whether the voice they heard was Buhari's.

Including his current stay in Britain, which began on May 7, the 74-year-old president has been away from Nigeria for nearly two-thirds of this year - 128 days - seeking treatment for an illness that has never been described in detail.

The lengthy absences have prompted concern, speculation and questions in Nigeria; periodic government statements about Buhari have been met with increasing skepticism.

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