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The average temperature for January is in the mid-teens F (about –9 °C), but the factor can decrease that temperature considerably.

The average July temperature is in the low 70s F (about 22 °C); however, it is not unusual to have summer days in which the temperature exceeds the mid-80s F (about 30 °C) and humidity is 100 percent.

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Moreover, Montreal’s location farther south and in closer proximity to the modifying effects of the rivers.

One component of the grand design was a successful bid to host the 1967 World’s Fair in commemoration of the 100th anniversary of Canadian Confederation.

Expo 67 (Man and His World) involved massive construction and was located on two islands in the St.

Lawrence—the existing Île Sainte-Hélène and the nearby, entirely man-made Île Notre-Dame.

Another significant change to the cityscape was Place Ville-Marie (1962), which comprises a cruciform building more than 40 stories tall and many underground shops, restaurants, and theatres, linked to which are nearby skyscrapers with similar underground complexes.

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