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But, no, they just kind of did it and then we could write towards that sometimes.

JH: Did you and Liz ever think that if you didn't take this step to rehab with Jackie that she would become unlikable because she wasn't even trying at this point?

As any series ventures into its fourth season, changes inevitably are made in either cast or storyline to keep the show feeling fresh and Showtime's dramedy "Nurse Jackie" is no different.

Always fearless in taking the show places we didn't expect, Executive Producers Linda Wallem and Liz Brixius kick off season four this Sunday by having Nurse Jackie Peyton (Emmy winner Edie Falco) go where the series has never gone before - rehab.

JH: Jackie's kids actually scare the hell out of me because I just think they are both just going to end up such a mess.

They are already a mess in their own ways and it just breaks your heart because you could easily blame Jackie for everything. LW: When you see your kids go over the edge you realize, 'I'd better wake up.' It's a big reason why Jackie has to really do the right thing this year especially with Grace. All the little things that have happened with the anxiety and all of it, that [Jackie] realizes 'I've got to really be there for her.' So, it takes a really special little actress.

It's like, well, so what, I don't care what people say. It just hit me and it was like our own experiences of sobriety...during the break in between [seasons] three and four we had this long talk.

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It's really within that little nurses' station and it's been wonderful to watch [the actors] just doing what naturally comes and all of that, which is just so funny when people spend more time with people you work with than you do with your own family.

You've got to put her in situations where Zoey can be high on her horse. But she can be terribly wrong and her timing can be awful, which is hilarious.

Merritt is a genius at the end of a scene just doing a little flare on it that none of us would ever think of. You go, 'Oh, my God, I love this woman.' She's amazing.

He was a really fun, different energy to throw in to all things. Geez.' Some stuff just chokes in her throat sometimes but she's got to ask for help. She needs a letter of recommendation from her new boss that doesn't even know her.

JH: You mentioned Merritt Wever and I wanted to ask if you have written towards her talents from the start. It's important for Zoey that she's in situation's funny.

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