Jackson rathbone and ashley dating

There's actually three My Spaces for Jackson Rathbone.

I don't know who these people are but they're not me!

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As with almost any massive franchise, the five Twilight movies are bound to stick with the actors involved — for better or for worse.

I went to Portland for two months before we starting shooting, and I just didn't talk to anybody for ages during the beginning of the shoot.

I never went out, but I kind of broke down half way through.

Currently at 25 years of age, Ashley has so far stared in the following movies: “The Twilight saga”, “Summers Blood”, “Skateland”, “A Warrior’s Heart”, “Butter” and “LOL”.

Her upcoming movies are “The Apparition”, “The Boom Boom Room”, “CBGB” and “Olivia Twisted”.

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