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“How many of our mothers and best friends tell us to get out there and try things?You can’t do that when you’re spending all of your time online,” says Bareket, who’s 37 and single and not above admitting that she’s taking woodworking classes at Lee Valley on King Street because she wants to learn how to build a cabinet, and also wouldn’t mind meeting an intelligent Marlboro Man.“Business advisors are always encouraging us to add an online, interactive, social network component to our group, but we don’t need to be on the bandwagon,” says Blakley, who organizes art crawls, polo matches and film screenings for her club, which now has branches in Miami and New York.“What we always try to encourage amongst our members is the art of actual conversation in person — no chat room, poking or BBM’ing [Black Berry text messaging].Also free to send 'teases' even if you are not a paid-up member.Technical support for those who are not sure how things work.

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Mark Berber, a professor of psychiatry at the University of Toronto, social lubricants like board games or cooking classes can help ease the burden of moving into the real world after devoting excessive time to being online. 1 anxiety disorder in Canada, and so if we can spend an evening in an environment that feels familiar, that makes relating to the other person much easier,” says Dr.

Berber, who believes online dating has introduced new pressures into a single person’s social life.

After chatting online, a couple may have introduced white lies into the relationship, and, what’s more, when the people do have their first offline date, the pressure can feel overwhelming.

“Expectations can become the biggest barrier in dating,” Dr. “That’s why meeting in a comfortable, friendly environment obviously holds great appeal.” That appeal isn’t lost on Amanda Blakley, founder of The Society, a Toronto-based social group with 4,000 members and a minimal presence online.

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