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FESCO Adecco Employee Welfare Director Julia Hu shared the topic "under the consumption upgrade, how to innovate high-end service system” to the guests The Way to Work activity was held in Shenzhen University and University of Technology Sydney, bringing the abundant intern and employment opportunities and creating a job employment exchange platform for the oversea student who would graduate from Australia FESCO Adecco Shanghai badminton team and FESCO badminton team carried out the Beijing-Shanghai badminton friendly match with MALO Clinic held ‘small dentist’ activity, help children and parents to establish a correct concept of oral health FESCO Adecco Associate Club successfully held ‘little farm’ activity FESCO Adecco Strategic Cooperation Director Vanessa Li attended the 5th CSITF International Human Resources Forum, and had a Keynote speech of ‘Innovation and Entrepreneurship’ The Adecco Group held its first ‘Experience Work Day’.Nearly 8,000 young people around the world gained invaluable insights form The Adecco Group experts in 46 countries.He would get the precious chance that working with Adecco Group CEO Alain Dehaze for one month FESCO Group GM assistant, Human Resources Company Party Secretary Wen Qinshan was elected the new president of Beijing Human Resources Consulting Association Win4Youth 2017 decisive battle was held in Spain!70 ambassadors from the Adecco Group around the world were gathered in the Sitges which is Spain's coastal city, successfully challenged Triathlon Championship.The China Star of Win4Youth in 2017 Harry Huang on behalf of FESCO Adecco also participated in it and completed this challenge successfully FESCO Adecco signed with Pinshimofang successfully, providing recruiting and outsourcing services FESCO Adecco signed with Geely successfully, providing head-hunting and RPO services FESCO Adecco signed a comprehensive strategic cooperation agreement with Shanghai Logistics Industry formally FESCO Adecco signed a comprehensive strategic cooperation agreement with Shanghai Pudong Association of Retuned Overseas Scholars FESCO Adecco Associate Club and FESCO Adecco sub-brand FA Talent, specializing in talent selection and retention create a zero based experience fashion Latin social dance activities FESCO Adecco HR Club invited Su Lan with several years of experiences, sharing with employees the self-regulation under stress FESCO Adecco Associate Club held Mid-Autumn Festival moon cake making activity, and more than 30 HRs from FESCO Adecco, Volvo, General Electric and Decathlon took part in the activity FESCO Adecco staffing department employees had the team building at Shanghai Root, Xuelang Lake The 2nd football tournament was hosted by FESCO Adecco Labor Union was launched at Shanghai Youzu West Bank Sport Center.

Through the keynote speech of "sharing manpower", Kang Yi shared sharing economy in the HR industry with the HRs “FESCO Adecco” LED subtitles illuminated the Huangpu River 2017 HRoot TECH HR (Shenzhen Station) was successfully held.

The ambassador Gen Wenbing of embassy of the People’s Republic of China in Swiss Confederation met with Adecco Group Chairman Rolf Dörig and Shaanxi Provincial Committee、Xi'an Party Secretary Wang Yongkang at Bourne Residence The 2017 World Winter Sports (Beijing) Expo (WWSE) was opened in China National Convention Center and the topic of it was “Leading the Way”.

The Adecco Group SVP Athlete Career Programmes & GPL Large Event Staffing, Patrick Glennon and FESCO Adecco board member Cynthia Chew were invited to take part in the event FESCO ranked NO.

The VP Chen Lin of FA Talent, FESCO Adecco sub-brand specializing in talent selection and retention, did the speech of “meaningful leadership dialogue”.

FESCO Adecco Welfare Outsourcing pision Director Julia Hu participated in the roundtable discussion FESCO Adecco's series of labor law lectures "Yuan Zhuo Lecture”, invited lawyer Hu Yuanzhuo and lawyer Chen Yuan with many years of experience in the practice of labor law, explaining the problems of foreign acquisitions of Chinese enterprises & exceptional circumstances and processes, and providing professional advices and solutions for the placement of staff issue during merge and acquisition process FESCO Adecco “Thanksgiving, Benevolence Forever” voluntary blood donation activity was held successfully The 3rd station of FESCO Adecco Annual Athlete pointed to legendary—— city Urban orienteering was held successfully ,and achieved 1,000 KM for Win4Youth 2017 “The Electric Road Trip, Set Off Immediately—— FESCO Adecco X TESLA Special Test Drive” activity was held successfully.

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