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Hannah Cook's last known whereabouts were at a Gladstone CBD school around 9am, when she dropped her child off at school.Police and family hold concerns for her welfare as she has a medical stockpiled at Auckland Point for final shipment to Geelong where it is used as a filler in plastics, paper glossing and toothpaste." The port also exports "wheat, sorghum, maize and oil seeds from Biloela and Emerald areas to India, Iran, Japan, New Guinea, South Africa and South Yemen".Round Hill Lookout Located at the end of Boles Road the Round Hill Lookout offers the best overview of Gladstone and all its industries.As graziers were permanent, they built for themselves houses that would last.This particular house was built in a goldrush area about 70 kilometres from here, right out in the bush.

Many had dirt floors, but this one has a slab floor, which keeps beds and tables away from the damp.^ TOP Gladstone is one of the many towns and cities in the British Empire which were named after William Ewart Gladstone.It was named in 1846 when he was the British Colonial Secretary.In this sense it is worth visiting but, most of all, it has its own visitor attractions - impressive lookouts, nearby beaches, a beautiful Botanic Gardens and easy access to the southern reaches of the Great Barrier Reef.Gladstone is located 518 km north of Brisbane via Highway 1 and 108 km south east of Rockhampton.

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