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Then, under pressure in the House of Commons, they promised to upgrade CPIC, the central police computer that contains everyone’s criminal record.

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The decision meant that thousands of known pedophiles and rapists were not included because they had finished serving their sentences by December 2004.(Click here for a timeline of the registry and its embarrassing state.) Canada’s national sex offender registry was created for one reason: to help police locate potential suspects.If a child goes missing, investigators can search the database for known pedophiles who live in the surrounding postal codes.“Many were returned unopened/non-deliverable.” That was not the only frustration.In Prince George, local prosecutors refused to charge three retrospective sex offenders with non-compliance because the written notice to comply didn’t specify the exact location of the registry centre. According to the latest provincial update, written three months ago, the registry centre in B. is also still struggling to convince frontline officers to use the database for investigations.

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