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****** You’ll want to catch Landmark Live this week on our Facebook page at County Landmark.The three county commissioners will be our guests, and boy are there some topics we can touch on. You know, to humanize the electeds for the folks at home.and ask yourself if those businesses would be there if not for KCI.No one knows this better than Alicia Stephens, executive director of the Platte County Economic Development Council. Hotels are here due to KCI as well as the Overhaul Base,” Stephens told Landmark reporter Valerie Verkamp this week.

Nash admitted in her testimony she did not know, at the time of her letter, that Paden had confessed to the crime and pled guilty.I can tell you there is no elected official I have dealt with over the years who has been as transparent and easy to work with in regard to obtaining public information as Eric Zahnd.While others will ask the press to submit a “Sunshine request” for the simplest of things, if you ask Zahnd and his office for a public document it is furnished immediately, without unnecessary drama and ridiculous paperwork.The importance of KCI to the economy and quality of life in Platte County cannot be overstated.Drive up and down the I-29 corridor and take a gander at all the hotels, restaurants, manufacturing plants, etc.

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