European farm dating

Roasting (cacao nibs) or the development of semi-finished products for example, will give you a competitive advantage and add value to your products.

Local roasting can also have a positive effect on marketing, because it allows your buyers to label chocolate products as locally-processed.

You need to find your distinguishing factor: your Unique Selling Points (USPs) and highlight these as much as possible.

Find your USP and then promote it: give your cocoa a face, a character and a story.

Buyers (and consumers) love to see the story behind the product.You will find it more profitable to have 5 buyers with smaller orders, than to have 1 buyer who buys the whole lot.This is also better to diversify your client portfolio to spread risks. Buyers in Europe are looking for good quality and cost-efficiency.Be aware that small quantities as micro lots are a popular trend.Try and find logistics solutions other than full containers.

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