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I’m introduced to Abdulrahman al-Kureida, a major exporter and the biggest trader on the floor that day, who promptly drags me alongside a series of carts and gets me in on the action. I have one employee for every auctioneer, along with two assistants to help keep track of prices and number of cartons.” “By God, we will protect our lands or die trying” was the message sent by Unaizans to future Saudi King Abdulaziz al-Saud in 1904, offering help in his efforts to unify the kingdom but pledging a fierce fight if not left in some degree of peace.

As a result, the Al-Sulaim dynasty still governs Unaizah by written treaty, rather than by a member of the vast al-Saud family.

This year marked the debut of Unaizah’s brand new festival grounds, the results of extensive investments totaling more than 0 million in local money–a 2.5 million square foot complex arranged around a 37,000-square foot central plaza.

The plaza can stock up to 9,000 date carts, which, in turn, carry an awful lot of dates.

Saudi Vision 2030 may provide some official cover for Unaizah’s latest efforts to develop a local economy based around a local identity, given the shout-out in the plan to the “cultural richness and diversity” of Saudi Arabian society.

Just to the north lies the regional capital of Buraidah, archrival city to Unaizah and host of world’s The market that hosts the Unaizah festival is enormous: a giant plaza as wide as a football field and twice as long.A wide range of buyers are plying the field, including a few Emiratis and a Kuwaiti. ” he tells me, laughing maniacally and filming me on Snapchat as I call out the numbers and try to calculate how much I’ll be spending if the other traders call his bluff.Saleh, a native of Riyadh, drove up for the fourth year running, hoping to pick up a couple dozen boxes at wholesale prices for personal use. All seem content to outbid me and continue on with their purchases as we dart among the auction groups.If you are considering moving to Saudi Arabia or are soon to depart, you can find helpful information and advice in the Expat Briefing dedicated Saudi Arabia section including; details of immigration and visas, Saudi Arabian forums, Saudi Arabian event listings and service providers in Saudi Arabia.From your safety to shopping, living in Saudi Arabia can yield great benefits as well as occasional drawbacks.

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