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Selection: If RMvlc agrees to take the case, the staff will set up a follow-up appointment.

If the case is not appropriate for RMvlc or RMvlc is unable to take the case, staff will provide referrals to other agencies.

The date letters below show the background shape for silver.

The buildings occupied the site of the old Royal Palace of Westminster which had burnt down in 1834.This Palladian building was erected in 1786 when the river still reached its walls.It takes its name from the Duke of Somerset who started a palace on this site in 1547. This includes two of the four Inns of Court - the Middle Temple (in whose Elizabethan Hall Shakespeares Twelfth Night was performed in 1601) and the Inner Temple.There may be some variations in backgrounds during the late 19th century, especially on watch cases.Depending upon the font used for the series of date letters, the letter i, j or l is usually omitted to avoid any possible confusion between them.

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