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I'm personable in the streets but am extremely adept in the bedroom :) I don't talk how I write, I mostly talk in slang and I do use profanity. It's hard to put all about yourself in a little box.

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Spain World Cup finals and Major League Baseball's Home Run Derby, attempts to encourage her to stay.

After a couple of hours, every woman had spoken to every other woman.

Many present at the event said the themed speed dating specifically targeting "femme" lesbians was unlike many other lesbian events they had attended.

Its no secret do I care if they don't know or reject that I do, nope, well just some family but i still don't. I'm an oddball, I prefer taking it slow and getting to know you as you get to know me, what's the rush?

I am funny, outgoing, love to laugh and make others laugh, I'm honest, reliable, loyal, trustworthy, I love watching football, I love to cuddle and snuggle.

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