Dating etiquette in china

- Don’t tap your chopsticks on the edge of your bowl; this behavior is associated with beggars.- When you’re just taking a break from eating, rest your chopsticks on the side of your bowl; when you’re done, rest them on top of the bowl.- When resting your chopsticks on the table/your plate, make sure they’re not pointing at anyone.- Do not stick your chopsticks upright in a bowl of rice.If you’re serious about Chinese dating and finding a Chinese wife, you must know that chopsticks etiquette is different for each country that makes use of these nifty eating utensils.You must also be aware it was the Chinese that invented them, and the Japanese, Koreans, and Vietnamese simply followed suit.- Wait for the elders to pick up their chopsticks before you pick up yours.- Do not pierce or stab food with your chopstick/s; use a spoon, instead, if the food is difficult to eat with chopsticks.

- The younger ones at the table wait for the elders to pick up their utensils before they do.

Taiwanese Chopsticks Etiquette: - Chopsticks can be used like a knife and fork to cut food into smaller portions for children.

- Food is shared by transferring it on a separate plate or directly onto the plate of the other person, but not from one pair of chopsticks to another.

- You should not let the chopsticks linger in your mouth, nor should you bite them.

- Don’t dip your chopsticks into the soup bowl or use them to pick up contents from the soup bowl.

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