Dating culture and geographics

As is the case in the Middle East, strong, sweet Turkish-style coffee is the beverage of choice at social gatherings, and mint tea is a favourite., meaning “opinion” or “view”), which combines varying instrumentation with simple poetic lyrics.There has been a contradiction, however, between the government’s various populist policies—which have called for the radical modernization of society as well as the cultivation of the country’s Arab Islamic heritage—and traditional family structure.Although Algeria’s cities have become centres for this cultural confrontation, even remote areas of the countryside have seen the state take on roles traditionally filled by the or clan.Algerians have thus been caught between a tradition that no longer commands their total loyalty and a modernism that is attractive yet fails to satisfy their psychological and spiritual needs.Only the more isolated Amazigh groups, such as the Saharan Mʾzabites and Tuareg, have managed to some degree to escape these conflicting pressures.

The country’s roots as a distinctive culture and society date to the Achaemenian period, which began in 550 .

The country’s difficulties led to the ascent in 1925 of the line, whose ill-planned efforts to modernize Iran led to widespread dissatisfaction and the dynasty’s subsequent overthrow in the revolution of 1979.

This revolution brought a regime to power that uniquely combined elements of a parliamentary democracy with an Islamic state, Iran found itself almost immediately embroiled in a long-term war with neighbouring Iraq that left it economically and socially drained, and the Islamic republic’s alleged support for international terrorism left the country ostracized from the global community.

As in most parts of the Arab world, men and women in Algeria generally have constituted two separate societies, each with its own attitudes and values.

Daily activities and social interaction normally take place only between members of the same gender.

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