Dating 40 year old man

When I met Paul at a Cheesecake Factory in the Burlington Mall a week after Thanksgiving, I looked nothing like my profile picture.

I was 30 pounds heavier, my head was shaved bald and my goatee dyed jet black.

When he asked me if I wanted to see his collection of vintage washing machines in the basement, I decided to find it cute and quirky.

Why did this man, and all the others choose my likeness? A friend told me that my profile image “really is a good picture,” which means it doesn’t really look like me, and I’m OK with that, because it’s not me.” But, I didn’t recognize this woman from Canada, so I waited a respectable 30 minutes before clicking confirm. ” The message appeared almost as soon as I accepted the friend request. “Plenty of Fish is a free online dating site.” I unfriended her. I checked to make certain my anti-virus settings were up to date. She must have been a Canadian sex line operator, eh?But, now here was this email from another woman describing how she had had a four-year online relationship with someone who assumed the identity of a 43-year-old man, grieving the death of his wife.She was not, in fact, the first woman to contact me about this.The Facebook friend request icon had glowed red the night before, and behind door number one was another stranger, Helen.

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