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With a range of dishes such as Hunter’s Stew, Sauerkraut Salad, and soups, this eatery will give Polish dates a taste of home and give those who are new to Polish dating a good introduction to the culinary delights of Poland.

This little Polish patisserie is full of wonderful pastries and treats as well as a fine selection of cheeses, biscuits, drinks, cold meats and anything you could want that might be a nice change from your usual deli’s offerings.

Polish dating can be a minefield at first if you don’t know a lot about your date’s culture.

If you do your homework though, there’s always the potential to wow them with your knowledge of Polish food and restaurants.

It is important to keep in mind that Poland sees itself as part of Europe in a way that Russia and the Ukraine do not.

At home there is actually a shortage of males that many polish women would find acceptable.Poles are mostly Roman Catholics and have a typical Catholic's belief in the sanctity of marriage and the importance of not getting divorced.Provided that you spend a little time getting to know her and you are a dutiful husband a Polish lady can make for an excellent wife for the rest of your life.It also means that Polish babes tend to speak better English than the males in their country.English by the way is a second language in Poland so a woman with education will be able to speak it and can become fairly fluent in a short space of time once she has moved to the west.

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