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There are few things more true in life than this: You become glued to what you hate, simply by hating it.

Hate and resentment are a cycle that don't end, but you know better.

But I also love love love my cast-iron skillet, and they only cost about 20 dollars.

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Most of the people you meet like you or at least seem interested because you have made yourself an interesting person. You're unapproachable because most people are dramatically unremarkable, and you don't want to waste time getting caught in conversations with people who trap you with long stories and laugh at their own jokes.

You have cultivated — over time — a personality that draws people in like a good story at The Moth. People see that, and it becomes instantly clear how little you give a shit about them in comparison. I don't work for the Census Bureau, but these awful people make up 89 percent of the human population.

Today, she’s in charge of all food and entertainment content for Martha Stewart Living.

Fans of the PBS series “Everyday Food” will recognize the charmingly straightforward redhead for her time on camera demonstrating deliciously simple recipes. We ate dinner together as a group most nights and each night someone different would be in charge of cooking; that way I was exposed to many different styles of cooking at an early age. I baked a lot as a child, pretty sure that’s how many people start off.

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