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Selenium is the antidote to mercury and iodine reveals one more of her secrets when it comes to cardiac care. Von Kossa (top panels), alizarin red S(middle panels) and Goldner–Masson trichrome (bottom panels) staining ofcalcified, precalcified and noncalcified liver tissue sections.Top panels, blackstaining indicates the presence of phosphate precipitate.

Trace mineral symptoms of excess or deficiency depend on their ratios to other elements.Exceedingly few healthcare practitioners in the world have learned much about magnesium medicine so they do not know to lay off the calcium and start intensive magnesium treatments.After decades of dairy industry marketing pushing calcium we have a situation that is literally killing millions of people.We may say that our biochemical age is determined by the ratio of magnesium to calcium within our cells.As we age, calcium deposits tend to accumulate in our soft tissues.

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